University of Heng Samrin Thbongkhmum comprises three faculties:

1 –   Faculty of Agriculture comprises four departments:
–   Department of Agronomy: Major in Agronomy;
–   Department of Agricultural Economics: Major in Agricultural Economics;
–   Department of Animals Sciences: Major in Animals Sciences;
–   Department of Forestry Sciences and Natural Resources: Major in Forestry Sciences and Natural Resources;

2 –   Faculty of Engineering comprises four departments: 
–   Department of Civil Construction Engineering: Major in Civil Construction Engineering;
–   Department of Agricultural Engineering: Major in Agricultural Machineries;
–   Department of Mechanics and Industrial Engineering: Major in Mechanics and Industrial Engineering;
–   Department of Foodstuff Chemical Engineering: Major in Food [Technology and] Chemical Engineering;

3 –   Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences comprises three departments:
–   Department of Khmer literature: Major in Khmer Literature;
–   Department of History: Major in History;
–   Department of Philosophy: Major in Philosophy;